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BTS broke a record for their concerts in the United States

The Korean band can boast of having broken another record

The South Korean musical phenomenon BTS has broken as many records as it has wanted and it is not for less, thanks to its ARMY around the world they have managed to help the band achieve feats that very few artists have achieved in recent times. We must not underestimate the convening power that Bangtan Sonyeondan has to the degree of crowding the places where they appear.

The Korean band was the first from that country to top Billboard's Hot 100 list thanks to their song 'Dynamite' as well as being the first Korean band to perform at the Grammy Awards in 2021. While on Spotify they have also represented with dignity to his country, his song 'Butter' being the one that marked the best debut in history within the music platform, reaching 108.2 million views.

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It is possible that the Korean band has broken as many records as they could but over time they continue to do so and this time it was not a song that is putting them on everyone's lips because they have broken another record that marks the importance they have inside of the music industry.

BTS has broken another record in the United States

Permission To Dance On Stage is the tour that had to be suspended due to complications from COVID worldwide, so after a long absence since 2019, BTS returned to the stage, with Los Angeles being the place inside SoFi Stadium. Only four concerts were necessary for the band to break another record in the music industry, which took place on November 27, 28, as well as December 1 and 2.

According to Billboard's Boxscore table, a table that measures the approximate earnings of artists and bands when they are on tour, the Korean band grossed around $33.3 million dollars in their four concerts, dedicating this way to the Permission To Dance On tour. Stage as the highest-grossing tour in the United States, breaking a record that stood for 18 years. These four concerts also represent the highest-grossing turnout since the doors to concerts were reopened from 2021.

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This is how BTS has managed to break as many records as they have wanted, something that they would not have achieved without the support of their ARMY, who have always been with them, making it possible for the Korean band to establish itself as one of the most important in the music industry at the level. international.

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