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BTS breaks a new record on Spotify with the B-side track 'Run BTS'

BTS' latest album 'Proof' is dominating the global industry. "Run BTS" is now the most popular B-side track of the group on Spotify.

Despite announcing a new age, BTS' latest project was a whole success. The group dropped "Proof" just a few weeks ago. This anthology album was perfect for the anniversary celebration. Bangtan has now 9 years in the industry.

The album is a great place to get into BTS' history or recall the best moments of the group. We can enjoy the powerful hip-hop style debut with "No More Dream", the catchy chorus of "IDOL", or the fun and addictive "Butter".

BTS for 'Proof' / Twitter @TheodoreJulian6

Is almost impossible a favorite track of the album, all of them are so good. Nowadays some of them are K-Pop classics. On the other hand, the Idols gave us some new songs for the second chapter-opening of their career. "Run BTS" is conquering the world.

Run BTS from the album Proof gets a new record on Spotify

On June 10 BTS released its first anthology album "Proof". The title single "Yet To Come" is conquering the public all over the world. Meanwhile, the other new tracks are getting a great response from the fans and critics as well.

Almost one month later, the song "Run BTS" remains on the Global Spotify Chart. This track has been spent 23 days on the chart. It is the longest B-Side song of the group on the prestigious list.

Bangtan didn't promote this powerful track. However, it became one of ARMY's favorites because of the savage lyrics and insane beat. Run BTS is very different from the other emotive songs BTS just released.

Meanwhile, J-Hope's new single "More" and Jungkook's collab with Charlie Puth's "Left and Right" are the most streamed songs by a Korean soloist on the streaming platform. BTS members are the kings of Spotify!

Do you want to know why Run BTS is so popular? We are telling you everything.

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