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BTS arrives in Washington DC as a VIP guest to attend the event at the White House

BTS will be attending an event with the president Joe Biden at the White House to talk about the Anti Asian Hate Crimes. The group has arrived in Washington DC.

On May 31 the president of the United States, Joe Biden will be receiving BTS at the White House to talk about the Anti Asian Hate Crimes. This reunion is attracting the attention of the whole globe.

As you may know during the pandemic the incidents and violent acts against the Asian population that lives outside of the continent became a big social problem. The American government seems to be planning something to face this issue

BTS members / By @bts_bighit

The biggest Asian music act in the global industry is Bangtan. There are high expectations to see what the group has to say about it. The singers of "Spring Day" are some of the most important influences of the moment, and their word will spread a positive message for sure.

BTS is in the United States to talk about the hate against the Asian community

On May 29 BTS arrived at the Dulles International Airport in Washington DC. The 6 members left the airport through a VIP exit for security reasons.

BTS in Washington DC / By @BIGHIT_INFO

A few days ago Jungkook travel to the United States by himself because of his schedule in Los Angels and New York. According to Korean media, he will join the rest of the group in Washington in the upcoming days.

BTS at the Dulles aiport / By @BIGHIT_INFO

Meanwhile, V shared a story on his personal Instagram account of the clear sky of Washington. He added a simple comment to announce his arrival in the country.


V's story / Instagram @thv

Right now the group is getting ready to release its anthology album "Proof". In the middle of its busy schedule, they flighted for its reunion with Joe Biden. There is no doubt that the Idols have prepared something emotive for the event.

While we wait for the reunion, take this test to know what song V will dedicate to you.

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