BTS and YouTube prepared #MyBTSStory BTS and YouTube prepared #MyBTSStory

BTS and YouTube created #MyBTSStory, what is this project about?

ARMY will be able to have their story with BTS in this project that the group has created with YouTube

BTS' comeback is getting closer and now the idol group has prepared a special project with YouTube so that ARMY can be part of it, what is #MyBTSStory?

BTS is probably the most popular and successful idol group of the moment. All this is thanks to its incredible members who are full of talent and charisma, by combining their skills they created a perfect formula to captivate millions and millions of fans who are now part of their great fandom.

Over time, Bangtan Sonyeondan has been growing, and today they are part of the most important within the international music industry. We admire all their work in their songs and performances that now also satisfy the critics and the general public.

This is why the Bangtan Boys comeback has everyone with great expectations. We can no longer wait for 'Proof' an anthology that takes us through the history of BTS, but also brings us to the present with the 3 new songs that even give us a hint of the future.

And this time YouTube and BTS have come together to create the #MyBTSStory project with which ARMY can share their stories with the group, learn everything about it and run to find the closest one to also be part of it.

BTS and YouTube placed these logos on the streets for you to create #MyBTSStory, where to find them?

BTS and YouTube worked on this new project together, in which the group's logos were placed as small monuments so that ARMY can take photos and videos and share them on YT shorts. This project is calling the attention of the public within the promotion of 'Proof'.

BTS and YouTube created #MyBTSStory | Twitter: @fairy_yoongs

There are some places around the US where these logos have been seen, the last photo was taken in Santa Monica, we also knew that there's one in NYC, so you gatta kinda find them and take your photos and videos, It also has the date in which 'Proof' will be released which is June 10.

ARMY share their stories by visiting BTS and YouTube's #MyBTSStor

In addition to the shorts on YouTube that we have already seen by #MyBTSStory, ARMY has also told stories that happened to fans visiting these logos put up by BTS and YT. Like this fan she met an older man who asked her what that logo was about and she told him about the Bangtan Boys who he recognized from her visit to the White House.

ARMY shared their story with #MyBTSStory | Twitter: @sarangtaaee

So if you find any #MyBTSStory logo close to home, don't forget to share it and also upload your short to YouTube. We will continue to see BTS promotions with 'Proof'.

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