BTS and Spotify projects for comeback BTS and Spotify projects for comeback

BTS and Spotify prepared these surprises for the group's comeback with Proof

Spotify revealed their schedule of activities for BTS' comeback, there will be a lot of surprises for 'Proof'

BTS and Spotify have some projects for the group's comeback, what can you find on the platform in the coming days?

BTS is ready for their comeback with 'Proof', ARMY has waited for this return of idols with new music for the world. His most recent release was 'Butter', the single that also included 'Permission To Dance On Stage', two new songs in English that conquered a large part of the audience.

But this time, Bangtan Sonyeondan returns with an anthology that will take us on a journey through the entire history of the idol group, from the first album to the most recent compiled in 'Proof'. And not only that, it will also have 3 new songs that will let us live in the present and have a future vision of the idol group.

So we can't wait any longer for the Bangtan Boys' comeback, especially for those new tracks that simply promise us a lot and that we really want to hear and get to know. We are getting closer to the comeback of this idol group and the expectation is still very high.

This time, Spotify revealed all the projects they have with BTS for their 'Proof' comeback. On the platform we can find some exclusive teasers that you can not miss.

Spotify and BTS prepared #SpotifyPurpleU, a project with promotional activities for Proof

The official profile of Spotify K-Pop shared the schedule of activities for #SpotifyPurpleU, the platform's promotional activities project in conjunction with BTS for the idol group's comeback with their anthology 'Proof'. There will be exclusive content on Spotify channels, playlists and more to enjoy Bangtan on the streaming platform.

#SpotifyPurpleU calendar | Twitter: @SpotifyKpop

So starting June 3, you can't miss all the activities that Spotify and BTS have prepared for 'Proof' and the long-awaited comeback of the idol group.

You can now see BTS content on Spotify

Although the promotional activities of Spotify K-Pop and BTS start on June 3, there is already content from the group available on the platform, such as Instagram stories in the 'This Is BTS' playlist.

There's a lot of content of BTS in Spotify | Twitter: @SpotifyKpop

So we will have much more BTS content on Spotify and it will be great, we look forward to this great comeback with 'Proof'.

Keep reading more about K-Pop, besides BTS, there are more groups who will have comebacks on June 2022, so you better see them all. 

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