BTS has a lot of new records with Proof on Spotify BTS has a lot of new records with Proof on Spotify

BTS and Proof took over Spotify with a bunch of new records, how many did they achieve?

BTS' comeback with 'Proof' is being extremely successful and their performance on Sporify proves it

ARMY is giving all their support to 'Proof' on digital platforms, we can't believe the reach that this BTS comeback is having on digital platforms, mainly on Spotify.

BTS finally had their long-awaited comeback, with 'Proof' they returned to take the senses of all their fans in addition to giving a tour of their history through songs. This anthology is full of amazing hits that let us see more of how the time has passed in Bangtan.

The idol group also released 3 new songs, Bangtan Sonyeondan chose 'Yet To Come' as the title track for 'Proof' and this song already has an amazing MV with lots of references and millions of views. Achieving almost 50 million in its first 24 hours on YouTube, ARMY really put a lot of effort into streaming.

Another digital platform where 'Proof' is receiving a lot of support is Spotify, since before the release of the album, the Bangtan Boys collaborated with this company in the 'SpotifyPurpleU' campaign that showed us more in the process of this anthology of the boy band. So we can say that Bangtan is already Spotify's favorite.

And it shows very well with all the records that BTS reached with 'Proof' on Spotify, they have a lot of global top songs and more thanks to all the love that ARMY is sending in this comeback.

All BTS Proof records on Spotify in its first 24 hours

Alright, let's start, BTS debuted a total of 27 songs at the top of Spotify Global, among them is 'Yet To Come' at #3, we also found 'No More Dream' at #69 and 'I NEED U' at #108. In total more than 47.5 million streams were achieved, this put 'Proof' as the biggest album debut for a Korean album on Spotify.

 This is how BTS is proving their power once again and imminently succeeding with 'Proof'. ARMY has not left streaming at any time and the great teamwork of the fandom is noticeable.

Yet To Come is BTS' 4th biggest debut on Spotify

The title track of 'Proof', 'Yet To Come' also achieved something amazing. It's BTS's fourth biggest debut on Spotify, before this song is 'Butter', 'Dynamite' and 'Permission To Dance' in that order. So 'Yet To Come' will be the Korean comeback song with the biggest debut in idol group history.

Congratulations BTS and ARMY! They deserve all these amazing records that leave a mark on the history of the group and Spotify too.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you more  about 'Yet To Come', all the things we loved about this MV.

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