Hyundai x BTS campaign Hyundai x BTS campaign

BTS and Hyundai collaboration will be at the FIFA World Cup

BTS' collaboration with Hyundai will be part of a new campaign. We'll see the K-Pop phenomenon at the FIFA World Cup.

BTS has been working in collaboration with many brands of high culture, cellphones, fast food and cars. The Korean company Hyundai has been promoting electric cars with the help of the K-Pop group a couple of years ago.

In 2020 the campaign Hyundai x BTS : An invitation to a sustainable earth was dropped in order to promote hydrogen energy cars. Those cars took BTS to the 62th Grammys ceremony.

Next year it was released All together for Earth Day 2021. This time the members of the group helped to spread the message: small action can lead to big changes. It celebrates the sustainable living style.

BTS campaign for Hyundai / By @Army_bts737

Now BTS is working in a new campaign wyh Hyundai, it will be at the FIFA Worl Cup. Do you want to know more about it?

BTS and Hyundai together at the World Cup

For Earth Day the company Hyundai will be revealing a new campaign in collaboration with BTS. The campaign "Goooooal of the Century" will be part of the FIFA World Cup due the sponsorship of Hyundai.

On April 20 it was revealed a teaser for the campaign. The narration is in charge of the BTS leader, RM. In the words of the rapper, it is promoting "a united world for sustainability"

In the clip we can see a soccer jersey with BTS name, the number 7 and the phrase Team Century

We wonder, what other surprise will Hyundai release?

Would you like to see BTS in the World Cup?

Meanwhile check the recipes BTS have for you to help with your Korean lessons.

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