BTS gave ARMY the best surprise in their annyversary BTS gave ARMY the best surprise in their annyversary

BTS and Google collaborated to give ARMY the best anniversary surprise

ARMY celebrates one more birthday this July 9 and BTS gave their fans an unexpected surprise on Google

All the fandom knows that July 9 is ARMY day, so BTS and their fans usually celebrate this special day every year and this time even Google joined the party with a special surprise for ARMY.

There is no doubt that BTS has a great connection with their fans, they are one of the most listened to K-Pop groups and their fandom is the largest in the industry. Millions and millions of fans around the world show their love, support and admiration for this amazing idol group.

Bangtan Sonyeondan has incredible world domination. Every year, their fandom grows more and more, more and more people become fans. ARMY is a great team inside and so is BTS. The work of the fans is always fulfilled and even breaks records, it's just amazing.

ARMY always has the love of the Bangtan Boys too, it is known that many things that the boy group does are thinking only of the fans who have supported them for so long. They really love their followers. And it is shown at all times, although there is a special day in which it is much more noticeable.

And for this 2022 the celebration was big, BTS collaborated with Google to give ARMY a very special surprise for their anniversary, you can still see it today!

BTS celebrated ARMY on their anniversary with a special surprise on Google

BTS gave ARMY a special celebration in Google, when searching for 'BTS' in said search engine, a purple heart appears next to the name of the group, when you click on it, a bunch of purple balloons begin to float on the screen. But there are some specials and when you click, a message written by the Bangtan members will appear and their voices will be heard saying 'I Purple You' <3.

Awww! This was a real surprise for ARMY, a super cute detail from the BTS idols who worked on this in collaboration with Google. It's beautiful, fans definitely had a special celebration this year.

BTS also released a beautiful photo to celebrate ARMY

BTS also give his fans this amazing group photo to celebrate with their fans on ARMY day, they look real good and of course that their fandom appreciates this kind of little details. It was a great anniversary for every BTS fan and for the idols too.

BTS photo to celebrate ARMY | Twitter: @purpleloveplus

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