This is how BTS' collaboration with Free Fire will be This is how BTS' collaboration with Free Fire will be

BTS and Free Fire show the gamer and creative sides of the group's idols

BTS will have a great collaboration with the popular video game Free Fire and its members will show their most gamer side

Who doesn't like video games? The popular mobile game 'Free Fire' decided to launch a collaboration with BTS, which will not only give ARMY new motivations to play, but also show that the members of the group are gamers.

BTS is the most recognized K-Pop group in the world and that is why their collaborations often become smash hits. It doesn't matter if it's a collab within music or with some company to release official or limited products together with Bangtan idols.

This is why it is not surprising that many companies want to work with Bangtan Sonyeondan. Since its members have become King Midas thanks to the success they achieve due to the support of their great fandom in every project. And the best thing is that ARMY has more items in its collection and a lot of joy with the collaborations of the idol group with various companies.

At the end of February of this year, the popular mobile video game Free Fire announced a new collaboration with BTS. This surprised fans who were excited to see the boy band in this game. Garena had announced the idols as special guests and ARMY expected characters in the game, special costumes or maybe even an exclusive event of the group.

But the truth is that there will be much more of BTS x Free Fire for ARMY and this first teaser proves it. In this collaboration of Bangtan we will know the most gamer side of the members of the group.

BTS and Free Fire created a fun variety show that will show how gamers the group's idols are

Through its official social networks, Free Fire released a teaser of its collaboration with BTS, it is the preview of the variety show that the video game created alongside the members of this group. In this one we will see them with different dynamics, they will start playing, dancing and they could even create their own characters for the game, omg.

It seems that the collaboration of BTS and Free Fire will be more fun than we all expected, who will be the best Bangtan gamer? We will discover it in his variety show with this video game.

BTS excites ARMY with more of its collaboration with Free Fire

 Previously, Free Fire had released a short video of BTS greeting their fans who are waiting for their collaboration with the video game. In this they talk more about what they will do and that everyone is very aware of everything that the idols will launch with the video game.

 Lots of fun awaits with this collaboration between BTS and Free Fire, so get your thumbs and your phone ready to get to know more about the group within the virtual world of this video game.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, we have some of their baby pictures that show their cutest stage in life.

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