BTS met Bruno Mars BTS met Bruno Mars

BTS and Bruno Mars had a nice meeting at the Silk Sonic concert in Las Vegas

Jimin, RM and Suga had an incredible time with Bruno Mars, this was the meeting of BTS with the singer

Are BTS members friends with Bruno Mars? Maybe yes, because a new photo has revealed that the artists met at the Silk Sonic concert, how was their meeting?

BTS has more and more friendships with international artists, we know that the idols of this group get along very well with Coldplay after their collaboration. Also with Megan Thee Stallion and Halsey, singers with whom they also worked together and had a simply great chemistry.

Bangtan Sonyeondan is not only friendly with many more artists, they also often show that they admire other groups and singers. We can know this with their playlists on Spotify where they put their favorite songs from many other soloists, bands and others.

Perhaps one of the favorites in general is Bruno Mars, who has a unique and very striking musical style for all audiences. Idols are not exempt and have also been totally enchanted by what this amazing singer offers in each of his songs and performances.

So BTS took the opportunity and on their visit to Las Vegas they met Bruno Mars, how was it? This photo tells us a little about how they met at a concert.

Jimin, RM and Suga of BTS met Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak at a Silk Sonic concert

Through their official Instagram accounts, Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Jimin, RM and Suga shared a souvenir photograph backstage at the Silk Sonic concert attended by the idols. Mars thanked them for coming to his show in Las Vegas and everyone really seemed quite happy.

BTS and Bruno Mars in Las Vegas | Instagram: @rkive

This was the meeting of these artists with the idols, wasn't it great? We love all of BTS' interactions with more singers! Will a collaboration come after this?

 BTS and Silk Sonic will spend more time together at the 2022 Grammys

BTS will spend more time with Silk Sonic at the 2022 Grammys ceremony tomorrow. This is because it was revealed that Bangtan will be sitting next to the group during the event. Both groups will be placed right in front of the stage.

BTS and Silk Sonic's seats at 2022 Grammys | Twitter: @DlS_3ASE

So more BTS and Silk Sonic interaction await us, how exciting! It's almost the 2022 Grammys where BTS could also take their first big prize.

But while we wait for 2022 Grammys, keep reading more about BTS, like Taehyung who took over the official Twitter account of the group. 

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