Taehyung's video that everyone is loving Taehyung's video that everyone is loving

BTS V's hypnotic video that ARMY can't stop watching

Taehyung conquered ARMY once again with a new video that no one has stopped watching, this made him a trend

BTS' V shared a new video with ARMY in which he is seen enjoying music a lot, and his charms stand out in this short film, can't you stop watching it either?

Since BTS joined Instagram, the members of the group now share much more with their fans through this platform. And it is the best for ARMY, because now they have more photos, videos and other content of their favorite idols every time they post something.

Fans not only like the professional side of Bangtan Sonyeondan in the studio or on stage, they also love to see their other phases, when they are doing what they like off stage, their free and rest moments and much more that they have seen. been able to reveal through his official IG account.

And idols like Taehyung, for example, have achieved amazing records on Instagram, thanks to the likes and followers that this Bangtan Boys artist has achieved. He keeps showing more of himself through the platform and ARMY greatly appreciates every photo and memory shared on his profile.

This time, V surprised ARMY with a video that seems simple but is actually hypnotic, so much so that his fans couldn't stop watching it.

Taehyung becomes a trend with a new video that no one can stop watching, what makes it so striking?

BTS is in Las Vegas and before their artistic responsibilities, the boy band is enjoying the place. So V decided to visit a jazz club on the spot, dancing to a live band, he uploaded his video surrounded by couples who were also dancing. He does it alone, but his movements are so smooth and you can tell that he is enjoying it, maybe this is what he has made the video so hypnotic.

Kim Taehyung became a trend on social networks because of this video, did you like it? Many fans can't help but appreciate it, that V really looks like he's enjoying the atmosphere. 

The other members of BTS also have fun in Las Vegas

Meanwhile, Jimin, RM and Suga shared a photo in which they are with the Silk Sonic group, on Instagram they bragged that they had visited the other artists, they all look very happy, OMG. Will a collaboration come after this?

BTS and Silk Sonic | Instagram: @rkive

Bangtan Sonyeondan idols look happy in Las Vegas, they are enjoying the moment in the US and then starting their activities in the country, what a thrill!

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Suga, who gave Halsey's baby a meaningful gift. What was it? 

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