BTS will premiere BTS VLOG BTS will premiere BTS VLOG

BTS VLOG will put new content for ARMY on YouTube, when will it premiere?

BTS VLOG will take us on new adventures with the members of this idol group, when can we watch it?

BTS has prepared more content for ARMY, the members of the group will share more of their days in new vlogs, when will BTS VLOG premiere?

BTS is one of the most famous K-Pop groups, these idols have conquered millions of fans around the world who have shown them all their love and support over time. Bangtan's music has united a lot of hearts and there is much we can admire from this idol group.

There are many occasions in which Bangtan Sonyeondan has shown that ARMY's love is reciprocated and that is that the boy band not only cares about releasing songs, it also has endless more content and surprises that they prepare especially for their fans.

Like any fan, ARMY endlessly appreciated the fact that Bangtan Boys now have personal Instagram accounts where they share a bit more of their adventures, answer questions from fans, and more that we really love. And we have more and more photos and videos of the idols to see.

And now we will have much more BTS content but it will be on YouTube, the idol group has prepared many surprises for ARMY with BTS VLOG.

What is BTS VLOG? All about the new content on YouTube for ARMY

Through BANGTANTV, BTS will release new content weekly, starting on Saturday, July 9, there will be a vlog to enjoy. There will be 7 in total, one for each member of the group and they will be available on YouTube so that ARMY can see them. That's what BTS VLOG is all about, a surprise that the idol group gave with its premiere schedule.

BTS VLOG scheduler | Twitter: @BTSChartsDailyx

Here we have the list of vlogs with their translations and which member will release each one.

With BTS VLOG ARMY remember the vacation logs of the idols in 2019

Some years ago in 2019, BTS did something similar to BTS VLOG, the idols released vacation vlogs that ARMY could enjoy. So there will be more Bangtan content soon but in the meantime you can keep watching those 'BTS Vacation Log' videos.

BTS Vacation Log | Twitter: @kingshadowtae

Yaay! We're gonna have a lot more of content from BTS, this is amazing, we can't wait for them to release it so we can watch it.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like J-Hope who released the tracklist for 'Jack In The Box', we're near to his comeback. 

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