BTS' J-Hope and V BTS' J-Hope and V

BTS' V visited J-Hope during the filming of 'More', here are all the secrets behind the music video

J-Hope is revealing the behind scenes of the "More" Music Video. BTS' V was by his side to support him. Here are all the secretes of the single.

The new chapter of BTS is beginning with explosive music by J-Hope. Previously, the main dancer of the group dropped the famous mixtape "Hope World". It was an awesome project that explored the most energetic side of the artists.

This time, Hoseok is ready to show a new facet. According to the concept photos and teasers, his upcoming music is darker. Despite we all love the bight personality of the rapper, this style suits him perfectly. We can't wait to listen to the whole album.

J-Hope for 'More' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

"Jack In The Box" will be here pretty soon. Meanwhile, ARMY is very excited with the pre-released single "More". Every single detail of the music video is perfect. Do you want to know all the secrets behind the filming? We are telling you everything.

J-Hope is a talented professional

On July 6th BTS dropped the behind of scenes of "More", J-Hope's new music video. In this clip we see the rapper looking very cold and tough in front of the cameras. As soon as the director says 'Cut!', his lovely and energetic personality appears again.

J-Hope filming 'More / Twitter @jkjh_20110613

As you may know, Hobi is a super creative artist. He was involved in all aspects of the shooting. We see him giving some ideas to the director and production staff. His passion is all over the place. As result, we got an awesome masterpiece.

What is the meaning behind the video?

According to J-Hope, all the scenarios of the music video were created to be conceptual. All the rooms we see are inside the box J-Hope is opening. It is the general concept of his upcoming album "Jack In The Box.

Just like the rapper said, it is inspired by the legend of Pandora's box. The box that the BTS member is offering has hope inside.

J-Hope got some visits during the filming

The talented rapper was not alone. Filming a music video can be exhausting, so his teammate went to the set to support him. J-Hope was really happy to see his beloved dongsaeng.

Suddenly, the Teahyun decided to act as a mannequin for a scene. The Idol was even barefaced, he just wanted to be part of the video. J-Hope knows pretty well the fans he said:

I think ARMY will catch on right away. They'll know immediately.

They are so adorable! J-Hope has too many good friends. One of them is the singer Lizzo. We have all the information for you.

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