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BTS' V shares more of his trip to Paris, these new pictures will make you fall for him again

A couple of weeks ago, V shook the fashion world crazy with his stunning look at the Paris fashion week. the member of BTS is revealing more pictures of his trip.

No one can deny how powerful V's beauty is. We are talking about one of the most relevant visual Idols in K-Pop. Also, he is part of the biggest boy group in the world, so his popularity is out of this world.

That’s why Taehyung is one of the most efficient influencers in the world. The member of BTS attend the Celine Fashion Show in Paris a few weeks ago. As was expected, his look made the Internet crazy. He is the coolest model ever. 

V of BTS / Twitter @koosofa1

The fashionista singer is always sharing the best of his days with the fans. Finally, we can see more of his fancy trip to Paris. ARMY, are you curious about it? The singer is revealing new pictures.

BTS’s V drops new pictures of his trip to Paris

On July 21st BTS' V posted o his Instagram account many pictures taken during his visit to Paris. The good-looking Idol looks amazing in all of them. All his outfits are comfortable but fashionable.

V's post on Instagram / Twitter @kiss_seven7

Some photos have an intimate vibe, like this one when he is in a bed, his messy hair is adorable. On the other hand, he looks like a professional model posing while wearing a cute pink cardigan. 

V in Paris / Twitter @kiss_seven7

ARMY is loving the beauty of the pictures. We also see Taehyung having dinner in a vintage restaurant. He even posted the dish he tried that day. Of course, a glass of good wine needs to be part of the night.

V's post / Twitter @koosofa1

Finally, the singer revealed a magical reel. He is showing us his beautiful trip with the best background music. The French melody is making this clip even more romantic. Without any doubt his trip was awesome.

V posted new pictures of his trip to Paris / Twitter @koosofa1

Let us know, what is, your favorite photo?

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