BTS' V and Jungkook BTS' V and Jungkook

BTS' V shares how proud he is of Jungkook, ARMY is melting down with his Instagram story

BTS friendship is super strong. V has posted a special picture of Jungkook. This is how ARMKy is reacting to their lovely brotherhood.

All the members of BTS are very handsome, that is an important factor that explains the big popularity of the group. Of course, their wonderful music is what draws the attention of the general public.

However, there is one specific thing that created the biggest fandom in the world: the adorable personalities of these talented Idols. ARMY is in love with their true characters, the members are very honest and that builds the special connection between Bangtan and the fans.

BTS at Inkigayo / Twitter @bts_bighit

On the other hand, nothing makes the fanatics happier than seeing how much the guys love and support each other. They are not scared to share in public their mutual love. V is melting ARMY down just with one photo. Here's all the information.

BTS' V drops a new adorable picture of Jungkook on Instagram

On June 19th V posted on his Instagram stories a photo of Jungkook. It was taken during the "For Youth" recording for Inkigayo. BTS just performed in the music show to promote their latest album "Proof".

BTS' V Instagram story / Twitter @ces_tk_bts

In the picture, Jungkook is posing in front of the beautiful ser full of flowers. As usual, the youngest of the group looks very handsome. Taehyung didn't forget to tag his beloved teammate.

Immediately, ARMY went crazy with the adorable V's behavior. The fandom has noticed how strong is the relationship between these Idols. This is not the first time that V has share photos of Jungkook on his Instagram account.

The fans already know that all the members really love the maknae. All of them respect and admire deeply Jungkook's talents. Well, honestly, we all do, right? Anyways their friendship is beautiful. Do you like the picture?

BTS performance at Inkigayo was amazing. We have all the information for you.

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