Taehyung altered the world with these selfies Taehyung altered the world with these selfies

BTS' V shared a new shirtless selfie that made ARMY's heart race

Taehyung altered ARMY in a good way with this new selfie that showed the results of the gym on him

BTS idols are not only talented, they are also very handsome and like to show their body, how does V look without a shirt? He shared a new selfie that made ARMY collapse.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about the members of BTS, first of all there is their amazing musical talents. As singers, rappers, and dancers, they do the best work and there is no doubt that they really work hard in every song, comeback, and choreography that they release together.

Also, the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have cute personalities and bright charismas. Each of them has shared more of themselves with ARMY through various content such as 'Run! BTS', behind the scenes, variety shows and others where we notice the personality and way of thinking of each idol in the group.

And last but not least we have the visuals of the Bangtan Boys, they are really handsome, they have a lot of physical characteristics that make them extremely attractive to fans. Like Taehyung who has really impressed with his beauty at all times and thus has managed to conquer a large part of ARMY.

And this time V wrecked the entire ARMY with a new shirtless photo where we can see more of his body, the hearts of BTS fans accelerated with a single photo of this beautiful idol.

Taehyung posted this new shirtless selfie that wrecked all ARMYs

Through his Instagram stories, BTS' V shared a couple of mirror selfies. In one of them he is shirtless, so we can see part of his chest and abdomen exposed so ARMY practically lost their mind, LOL. In the other photo he is fully clothed, fans believe that basically before going to sleep the idol wanted to alter the world.

Taehyung altered the world with this mirror selca | Instagram: @thv

The idol is wearing his outfit for the 'Yet To Come' performance, so this photo is very recent, Wow! Taehyung really looks great, now we know why ARMY was totally wrecked

Kim Taehyung is trending on Twitter thanks to this selfie mirror

The memes, the mentions and much more for Kim Taehyung did not wait on Twitter where ARMY showed how excited he was after seeing those mirror selcas of V. It really is a trend because no fan can stop seeing this boy who delighted his fans with a little less clothes.

Kim Taehyung is trending on Twitter | Twitter: @taekook1230911

Well, we are glad that Tae feels confident to show more of his body for ARMY, it is just great and we admire his beauty and also his talents.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members like RM and Jungkook who talked about the 'BTS hiatus' and all the reactions they got. 

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