V at the Grammys V at the Grammys

BTS' V reveals what he said to Olivia Rodrigo in the ear

The viral interaction between V and Olivia Rodrigo made the whole ARMY jealous.  The Idol talked about what he whispered that night.

Even though BTS didn't win the award, Grammys' night was a great experience for the group and their fans. Among the multiple interactions between the K-Pop band and western artists, one of the most memorable was the V - Olivia Rodrigo moment.

For the intro of Butter performance we saw V sitting next to the young pop singer. With a flirty face, the Idol got closer to tell her something in the ear. The ARMY''s jealousy and curiosity did turn on at the same time. What did he whisper to Rodrigo? V has revealed it.

V is telling everything to ARMY

Olivia Rogrigo and V at the Grammys / By @hisakite

BTS is used to spending a lot of time talking with the fans through social media. On April 6th V was answering some questions on Weverse. As expected of ARMY,  someone asked politely: "What did you whisper to Miss Rodrigo?". V clarified the topic saying:

Just: "This is important business. You understand as a fellow professional" I didn't even speak English.

Then, the fans assumed V whispered to her in Korean, but the artist replied that he wasn't using Korean either. So, what language Taehyung spoke? Japanese? Tata' planet language?

No matter the ambiguity of V answer, the fans have certainty about something, both artists are really skilfull actors as well. There are people assumming he actually said nothing.

I did say something but I was nervous about the performance so I don't remember. I probably said, "You have to be surprised now".

V on Weverse / By @btsargento

Some clips on the Internet could confirm the nervous state of V. Anyway, the playful Korean singer moved on while joking around with fans' messages. "I told her, "RM doesn't need a driver's license". He said as a reference to Olivia Rodrigo's song and the fact that RM cannot drive.

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