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BTS' V reveals unreleased song exclusively for ARMY

The singer from BTS V has dropped a precious gift for ARMY on social media: an unreleased song. Do you want to listen to it?

The global sensation BTS is getting ready to release new music in June 2022. At the moment the fans don't know too much about it. What is the name of the album? Is the title single "We Are Bulletproof"?

We have to wait for more news. The members aren't giving us any spoilers about the new album, but at least they are spending a good time with ARMY on social media.

Last night, V was talking with the fanatics when suddenly he revealed something  nobody was waiting for: an unreleased song.

V on Instagram / By @kiss_seven7

V dropped unreleased song on Instagram

On May 4 (KST) V from BTS as usual was interacting with the fans via social media. Suddenly, the Idol surprised the whole fandom. The Idol revealed on his Instagram personal account some stories that include fragments of an unreleased song. He added the message:

It a Memory

Ha ha ha

V's Instagram story / By @moryffell

In the clip we can hear a track with the same beat as BTS song "Life Goes On". Some fans are thinking this was the original demo of the famous single. However, this clip has different lyrics and melody.

Fans are really happy with this clip because the voice and passion of the singer sound amazing in this track. The Internet is having a big debate: is this a hint from the upcoming album?

At the end of the unrealed song we can hear in the words three, six point five. Almost immediately V posted another story with the same number.

V's post on Instagram / Instagram @thv

ARMY is getting crazy because of the incertitude. Is this the original title of the song? Or it's a hint for the new music of BTS?

What do you think about it? Do you like this version of Life Goes On?

Did you know that BTS are the K-Pop kings on Spotify? Read the full story in this article.

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