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BTS' V reveals his impact on Instagram by mistake, ARMY is shocked

V from BTS exposed some hidden details about his personal Instagram account. The fans are surprised with the impact of the Idol.

The members of BTS have a close  relationship with their fans thanks to the possibilities the social media gives. The Idols keep in touch with ARMY on different platforms. Twitter was really important for the group since theri rookie days.

Just a few months ago the singer of "Butter" opened their personal Instagram accounts. In December 2021 V got the record for the fastest account to reach 1 million followers on Instagram. He got this mark in just 43 minutes.

A few hours later his account got 10 million followers in less than 5 hours. No one can deny how powerful V is on the platform. However, the  singer is still having some struggles to handle his account. Recently he revealed some unbelievable details about it by mistake.

V on Instagram / By @jmygmochis

V from BTS is revealed how many people watch his Instagram stories

On May 3 V from BTS was  having a talk with ARMY via Weverse. He confessed to the fans that he doesn't know how to reply to questions on Instagram stories. He was wishing someone could help, so he posted a screenshot of his account.

I don't know if I can post this but, This is how it looks to me.

V's post on Weverse / By @thvmnk

Almost immediately the artist deleted the pictures but it was too late, ARMY saw everything. The fans are shocked by the numbers V reveleded. In the pictures we can see the amount of people that watch V Instagram stories in just a couple of minutes. All the stories got more than 1 million views. 

V popularity is not a joke! At the moment he have 40.8 millions  of followers on Instagram. Did you see V's stories on Instagram?

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