Taehyung's mural in Daegu Taehyung's mural in Daegu

BTS' V mural in Daegu will remain available for more people to visit

The Daegu government put up a mural to honor Taehyung and it will be on display longer so that more BTS fans can see it

The hometown of V from BTS is Daegu and that is why the idol has become a great pride for that city, so they honored him with a large mural that you can see if you travel to Korea.

As BTS is the most well-known and popular K-Pop group in the world, its idols have also gained a lot of recognition and honor due to their work. In the hometowns of the members of Bangtan, tribute is usually paid to the stars who proudly grew up in the place.

Like for example Taehyung who grew up in Daegu, a city near Seoul that has both metropolitan and natural spaces. Perfectly combining modernity and nature in a place a little quieter than the capital of South Korea. This is also Suga's hometown.

Daegu is a place that often celebrates the Bangtan Sonyeondan idols who grew up there and make the locals and the local government extremely proud. His work there is widely recognized and also praised. In addition to the fact that for the fans it is also great to know the place where the members of the idol group lived before debuting.

This time, the Daegu government has a super special mural dedicated to V and it will be available for a long time so that many more fans can see it in person, would you visit this exhibition in honor of the BTS idol?

BTS' Taehyung's mural in Daegu will remain on display for longer to increase tourism

The Daegu government extended the exhibition time of BTS' V mural in order to increase tourism in the city. There are fans from all over the world who would surely love to see this work in person and since some pandemic restrictions have been lifted, it may be easier for people to travel to see this exhibition in Taehyung's name.

V's mural in Daegu | Twitter: @TaehyungCanada

For this mural, the Daegu government worked together with one of Taehyung's fanbases in China, so it's something made by fans for more fans. We love the work of ARMY that even from a distance does everything for Bangtan idols.

What does V's mural look like in Daegu?

Maybe not all fans can go to see V's mural in person in Daegu, but from the photos we can see that it is a mural with the word 'I love you' in many languages, it is Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, among others . Also Taehyung's iconic phrase 'I Purple You' are images of V and more pieces of art that Kim Taehyung is known to like.

Taehyung's mural in Daegu | Twitter: @myself_sneha99

Here is a video to see it better, Tae's mural in Daegu has been on display for quite some time now but many fans keep visiting it.

It would be great to see this mural in person, don't you think? Perhaps many ARMYs have already been able to see it and take photos on the spot.

Keep reading more about BTS and Taehyung too, did tyou know that he's a good fan of BLACKPINK? We have some of his BLINK moments here.

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