V at the airport looked so handsome today V at the airport looked so handsome today

BTS' V looked amazing on his way to Paris, this was his airport outfit

Taehyung was seen at the airport on his way to Paris for PFW, how did the BTS idol look today?

V is already on his way to Paris for Paris Fashion Week as a special guest of Celine and he looked super handsome at the airport, this was the BTS member's outfit.

There are a lot of things we can admire about the members of BTS, first of all there are their talents, they have amazing voices, great singing and dancing ways, their way of taking the stage is just great. Among its members is Kim Taehyung, a boy with a spectacular voice.

Taehyung has not only shown us to be extremely talented not only with Bangtan Sonyeondan's songs, he has also done it alone with some songs that he has released and also in OSTs for dramas with which he has musicalized with his voice in these series. V is a complete and wonderful artist that we admire a lot.

And we can also talk a lot about how attractive V is, this idol is one of the most handsome in the industry, he has conquered the hearts of millions of fans around the world thanks to his physical characteristics. And to that we add the great style that he wears, the demeanor of him is great and the clothes that he normally wears are amazing.

This time we saw him at the airport on the way to Paris as he will be with Celine at Paris Fashion Week and he looked really great in his outfit, Taehyung stole all eyes as he headed to catch his flight.

Taehyung stole all eyes at the airport, that's how he took his flight to Paris

Taehyung is on his way to Paris for Paris Fashion Week and was spotted at the airport. Fansites and media gathered to take many photos of the BTS idol and see him off as he took his flight. He wore an outfit that might seem simple but he did it with a lot of style, an animal print shirt, black pants and a white shirt were his look today.

V's outfit for the airport | Twitter: @vminiecats

We love V's look today, don't you think he looked super handsome? He struck ARMY's hearts once again, we can't believe it. Plus his long raven hair also looks great.

When will Taehyung be at Paris Fashion Week 2022?

Next June 26, 2022 will be the day on which Paris Fashion Week 2022 takes place. So on that date we will see Taehyung in this great event as part of the guests of the Celine brand. We will also see him with his friend, actor Park Bo Gum, and BLACKPINK's Lisa.

V will be at Paris Fashion Week 2022 | Twitter: @vminiecats

We are glad to see V at these kinds of fashion events! He is a great model and we already want to see what outfit he will bring to Paris Fashion Week, he will be simply sensational.

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