V would be the best son-in-law for your parents V would be the best son-in-law for your parents

BTS' V is the perfect son-in-law for your mom and here's the reason why

Not only ARMY loves Taehyung from BTS, a lot mothers confess their love for him too

BTS has conquered a lot of hearts and the age doesn't matter when it comes to show admiration for these idols. Taehyung has captivated a lot of moms all over the world, why would he be the best boyfriend for their daughters?

We can find a los of things that make every BTS member special, these guys are truly talented, full of abilities and capabilities that surprise fans and experts everytime they are on the studio or on stage. Their power is amazing in every show.

But they also have great personalities which make them unique, like Taehyung, he might be passionate and dedicated when it comes to work, but... Off stage, he's someone very funny, smart and has this cheerful mood that makes ARMY's heart flutter.

We can't leave behind the beauty of V, this idol is really handsome, his delicate features and strong details make him look like a one of the most attractive south korean stars. So there are a lot of things that we can appreciate from him and his fans know that it'd be hard for someone not to fall in love with Tae.

And even ARMY's moms have been conquered by Taehyung, his charming beauty and loving personality is special for them, and they wish to have a son-in-law just like V.

Taehyung's charming points turned him into the perfect son-in-law

According to Hyun Young, a south korean model and actrees, Taehyung would be the perfect son-in-law for every mom, she said that he expects her daughter to have a boyfriend just like the idol; someone who has the same charming 'eye-smile' as V, a guy who is kind and friendly.

These are some of Taehyung's charming points that Hyun Young would love to see in her daughter's partner, she confessed that V would be the best son-in-law.

Taehyung as the perfect son in law | Twitter: @sahirawr

Now, not only ARMY dreams of a boyfriend like Kim Taehyung, mothers of a lot of fans wish to have someone like him as their son-in-law too.

 ARMY shows that fans' parents would love to have BTS members as sons-in-law

A lot of fans on Twitter confessed the way their pareents see BTS, some of them would love to have a son-in-law like Taehyung, and others would like RM to be a part of their families, LOL, they've conquered ARMY's whole families forever.

ARMY's parents love BTS too | Twitter: @taeggukie_lovur

They even love Taehyung because of the music the idol likes, LOL.

ARMY about Taehyung and their mom | Twitter: @Vvibes_BTS

 Who wouldn't love to date someone from BTS? Even mothers and fathers all around would love to have a son-in-law just like the idols.

Get to know more about BTS, we tell you what did each member study, they all have specialities and graduated from University.

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