V loves Our Blues V loves Our Blues

BTS' V is the number one fan of Our Blues, he's showing his love for this K-Drama

We can't stop watching 'Our Blues' and neither can Taehyung, the BTS idol is the biggest fan of this drama

'Our Blues' is an amazing Korean drama that has released its episodes week by week, has conquered the public and even BTS's V who showed all his love for this series.

BTS has appeared in the world of dramas on many occasions, the members of the idol group have been part of various OSTs for these series. Also, Taehyung has participated as an actor in some of them, showing that he not only has musical talents, but also in front of the cameras. And it is obvious that idols also enjoy series from their country.

And it is that K-Dramas have managed to completely conquer countless people not only in Korea, but also throughout the world. With emotion, fans of these series follow episode after episode that is released weekly. Every new drama is a great adventure and 'Our Blues' is a great example of that.

Our Blues is one of the newest Korean dramas, in this we can find a song by Jimin as the member of Bangtan Sonyeondan was part of the soundtrack for the series. But also, it seems that this has become V's favorite K-Drama. Like much of the public, he has can't stop watching it.

So Taehyung showed his great love for 'Our Blues', it seems that the idol of BTS is enjoying this great story of Korean television a lot. ARMY already has a new reason to watch this drama.

Taehyung is the biggest fan of Our Blues, this really is his new favorite K-Drama

Through his Instagram stories, Taehyung shared a couple of photos while the BTS idol watched the new episode of 'Our Blues'. In one of these stories he said that this was his 'drama of his life' and since he can't stop watching it, he also asked them to release the next episode quickly.

Our Blues is Taehyung's favorite K-Drama | Instagram: @thv

V can't stop watching Our Blues because its story is getting more and more interesting and no one can stop watching this drama.

Taehyung really is a big fan of Korean dramas

 Taehyung really enjoys Korean series, we won't forget when he previously had a crush on 'Squid Game', the popular Netflix K-Drama. Not only did V wear a production-themed costume, he even knew the show's speeches by heart, OMG.

So we hope that in addition to V continuing to enjoy K-Dramas, we can also see him in a new one very soon because his acting powers are also great.

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