V for 'Drive Vlog' V for 'Drive Vlog'

BTS' V has the most viewed vlog in YouTube history, 'Drive Vlog' broke this record

BTS's V  just broke a new record on YouTube! His 'Drive Vlog' is now the most viewed vlog in the first 24 hours.

BTS is unstoppable! Even if the group is not releasing music right now, the seven members are collecting new records daily. The singers of "Yet To Come" have massive popularity and every project they drop becomes a great success.

The Idols have been releasing projects not related to music, such as their mobile game "BTS Island: In The Seom". They are preparing more surprises for ARMY. Would you like to go on a date with the members? Their personal vlogs feel pretty intimate.

V of BTS / Twitter @btsaeso

Bangtan will reveal some videos where we'll see watch the members having a good time on their own. The first one was a global sensation. V dropped his "Drive Vlog" and the public all over the world is loving it. It broke a record on YouTube, we are telling you everything.

BTS' V breaks a record on Youtube with his "Drive Vlog"

On July 9th V of BTS released a video called "Drive Vlog". Here the good-looking Idol had a great car trip with two colleagues. As usual, the lovely and fun charisma of the singer melted ARMY's hearts all over the world.

V for 'Drive Vlog' / Twitter @skybxzhn

The 52.14-minute video became very popular. In just 24 hours it got over 8.1 million views and 1.5 million likes on YouTube. Whit this mark Taehyung is taking a new crown: no he has the most viewed vlog on the first day in the history of this platform.

It is not a surprise, BTS has the Midas effect. Also, we have to mention the natural charisma of the singer. You don't need to be a fan to enjoy the show. V is very friendly and has the perfect aura to lead a relaxing vlog.

During the next weeks, the rest of the members will drop their vlogs. The upcoming one will have J-Hope as the protagonist. It is called "Vlog of Confidence". We can't wait to watch it!. Check this article to know the full schedule of this project.

ARMY, let us know, what was your favorite part of  V's vlog?

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