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BTS' V has the Instagram account with the highest socioeconomic value

BTS is really powerful when we're talking about social media. V has conquered Instagram with his personal account. This is his new record.

Do you follow BTS on social media? No matter what platform they chose, all the BTS posts will be all over the Internet. Weverse, Twitter or Instagram, the members always find a way to keep in contact with ARMY.

A couple of months ago the singers opened  their personal accounts on Instagram. As soon as they stepped onto that platform the internet went crazy.

On December 13th Guinness World Records confirmed V is the person who gained 1 million followers the fastest in just 43 minutes. Since then, the singers of "IDOL" are showing their powerful influence. This time V got another record. We are telling you everything.

V's Instagram story / Instagram @thv

BTS' V is the most influential global celebrity on Instagram

According to Korean media, the social media analytic result shows V from BTS as the most influential celebrity on Instagram. The factors in consideration include the follower amount, the average likes the engagement every post caused and the estimated earnings.

The estimated cost for a sponsored post for V Instagram account is $64k to $773k dollars. This is the profile with the biggest socioeconomic value overtaking other celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande.

Meanwhile, the rest of BTS members also reported expensive sponsor prices for their personal Instagram accounts:

What other record could BTS break? Next time maybe something about Twitter.

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