BTS V continues to blow us away with his 'Vcut' saga!

Kim Taehyung, also known as V, recently shared pictures from the shoot of their album, ‘BE’. All the members looked great, but it was V’s gorgeous visuals that had us shook. Do you want to see what made us feel that way about the 24-year-old singer? Scroll down for a treat, or else you’ll be missing out on a lot!

  • V is the most liked male Korean celebrity on Instagram, breaking the record that was previously held by actor Lee Min Ho. 
  • The South Korean singer is the perfect brand ambassador of Fila with his 5’10 height.
  • His net worth amounts to $20 million.

The superstar is known for his good looks and has received many titles for it, including ‘The Most Handsome Man in the World’. Last week Kim Taehyung yet again set the internet on fire with his ‘Vcut’ post on the band’s official Twitter account. We knew that this was not the last time we would be blessed with his Vcuts.

For those wondering what the term ‘Vcut’ means, here is a tweet explaining where it was derived from. We must say that he is quite clever! 


Don’t you think he was clearly aiming for destruction with these photos? Taehyung, please have some mercy on us and let us breathe. 

vcut on Twitter

Here he shows off his modeling skills for WSJ Magazine in a sleek black suit.  

vcut for WSJ magazine

Although ‘Vcuts’ are normally solo shots, he posted an adorable picture with the rest of the BTS members from their album BE’s photoshoot.

We are not the only ones going wild over these posts right now, so was the rest of the world who made his name soar on Twitter’s trends.


These photos make us wonder if there’s anything he cannot do. He’s got it all: the looks, vocals, personality, brains, and charisma. If he has a secret girlfriend, then she’s very lucky.  We stan a multi-talented king and if you don’t already, well then what are you waiting for?

Watch his best Vcuts below!

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