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BTS' V attends 'Broker' premiere, movie starring his close friend Kang Dong Won

Despite his busy schedule, BTS' V went back to Korea to attend the premiere of "Broker", a movie starring by his close friend Kang Dong Won.

The K-Pop sensation, BTS is having some busy days. The group is getting ready for the release of its anthology album "Proof". At the same time, the Idols traveled to the United States for their encounter with President Joe Biden at the White House. 

However, these talented singers have mentioned previously how important is to look for a  balance between work and their personal lives. During their time off they tend to meet with their friends or families.

BTS at the White House / By @WhiteHouse

After their schedule in America, V was the first member to fly back to Korea. The fans were wondering why he went back by himself. Well, the answer is here: V is a super loyal friend. We are telling you everything.

BTS' V arrives in Korea to attend the premiere of Kang Dong Won's movie "Broker.

On June 1st (KST) V got back in Korea after the BTS schedule in Washington DC. The Idol flew alone, the rest of the group leave the United States later.

V at the airport / By @taekook_latam

During the same day, the makeup artist of the Idols dropped a picture of Taehyung revealing the story of his agenda. Apparently, just after arriving in the country, he went to prepare himself to attend Kang Dong Won's movie, "Broker". The stylist added:

A loyal friend. As soon as he arrived in Korea he got his haircut and went to the premiere.

V's makeup artist on social media / By @ARMYForce_Peru

V attended the premiere wearing mostly a black outfit with a gray blazer. As usual, the handsome Idol looked amazing. Right now his photos are making ARMY crazy on social media.

V at 'Broker' premiere / By @BangBangtanEsp_

At the same time, the fanatics are surprised to see how sweet V is. Even if the trip was exhausting he looked fresh and happy to watch the movie.

Such a sweetheart! ARMY, what do you think about it?

Check here the upcoming BTS activities now that the group is back in Korea.

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