Yeintan and V are the kings of Instagram Yeintan and V are the kings of Instagram

BTS' V and Yeontan conquer Instagram with this cute photo and a new record

Do you know Yeontan? It is BTS Taehyung's pet and its cuteness flooded Instagram and proved its popularity

ARMY loves the adorable pets of BTS members, one of them is Yeontan, V's puppy who today broke a new record on Instagram with its cuteness.

We can get to know the different facets of the members of BTS both on stage and off. But perhaps the most beautiful is when they share moments with their pets. Their furry friends make them seem like the cutest dads when it comes to taking care of them and spending time with them.

Some of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have puppies as pets, this is the case of Taehyung who has introduced Yeontan for some time. In 2017 it was the first time that ARMY saw Yeontan as V decided to show him during a group VLive broadcast.

Yeontan is a Pomeranian breed and ARMY has even found him on the street, V's mom once took him out for a walk and a fan was able to find them. So ARMY shared the photo being the envy of many more fans who would like to meet this cute animal of the idol.

And Taehyung can't stop sharing more of Yeontan with his fans, this time he did it on Instagram and they proved to be the best duo as they broke several records conquering on this social network.

Taehyung and Yeontan broke a new record on Instagram, this is how they made history on the platform

In December 2021, V shared a cute photo of Yeontan, obviously the idol's pet was full of likes as fans just adore him. Well today, he achieved a great mark because he exceeded 19 million likes. This makes Taehyung the first and only Asian act to surpass 19 million likes in Instagram history.

V and Yeontan's new record | Instagram: @thv

How could this beautiful photograph not be filled with likes? Yeontan's tenderness is spread through the screen with this image that has millions and millions of likes right now.

 Taehyung has 3 of the most liked photos on Instagram

Taehyung is the first and only Asian act to have multiple posts, in this case 3, with over 18 million likes on Instagram. The popularity of this BTS idol is just great and his IG likes prove it. He thus supports ARMY to his artists even in the virtual world.

Taehyung on Instagram | Twitter: @TAE__ARG

Is V the king of Instagram? Maybe he is the prince, because the king is Yeontan with the picture of him with the most likes, don't you think so?

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