Taehyung and Lisa in the same plane Taehyung and Lisa in the same plane

BTS' V and BLACKPINK's Lisa shared time on the same plane for their trip to Paris

Taehyung and Lisa spent time together on their trip to France for Paris Fashion Week, both idols boarded the same plane

BTS and BLACKPINK have a great new interaction as Taehyung and Lisa went on the plane together on their trip to Paris.

BTS is the most relevant K-Pop group in the industry right now, its fame and popularity have been born from the hard work put in by all the members of this idol group. Among them we find Taehyung, an incredible singer and dancer who has been delighting his fans since the debut of his band.

On the other hand, we have BLACKPINK, an amazing girl group that is also one of the most relevant in the K-Pop industry. In this amazing group we find Lisa, a girl who traveled from Thailand to test all her talents and who today has succeeded with her idol group and also as a soloist.

Both groups BTS and BLACKPINK have incredibly large fandoms, their fans are all over the world. V and Lalisa are also extremely famous and popular idols, which is why they work as brand ambassadors or promote companies in different fields, including fashion.

This is why Celine has chosen V and Lisa to be part of Paris Fashion Week. Both idols had to travel to France for this event and they did it together because they shared a plane and the fans could see it.

V and Lisa shared a plane on their trip to France for Paris Fashion Week

Through Instagram Taehyung and Lisa showed how was their trip from Korea to France to go to Paris Fashion Week. It was not difficult for the fans to realize that they were on the same plane as the photos were taken in the same places. So both shared the trip together to Paris for said event.

Lisa and Taehyung took the same plane to Paris | Twitter: @aritsukimi

Inside the plane both idols also took pictures, also because the place was the same, so we could see them together although not scrambled.

Lisa and Taehyung in the same plane | Twitter: @aritsukimi

 When is the Paris Fashion Week event where V and Lisa will be?

June 26, 2022 will be when Lisa and V go to the Paris Fashion Week event, both invited by Celine, since Lalisa is an ambassador for this important brand. Park Bo Gum will also be guesting with both idols and fans are dying to see more of his interactions with his bestie Taehyung.

Lisa, V and Park Bo Gum landed together in France | Twitter: @iluvblacpink

We know that it will be a very interesting event with the great luminaries of K-Pop and K-Dramas that will be presented, we will be keeping an eye on PFW.

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