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BTS: The secret friendship tattoo that we won't be able to see

V of BTS has revealed the band could be getting a friendship tattoo. In what part of the body are the guys doing the tattoo?

There is no a single day that the members of BTS don't give us a little bit of useful information about themselves. The fans feel grateful for the honesty of the guys when they decide to share something.

Maybe, because of this aspect, the ARMY-BTS couple is so powerful. The Idols are open to hear the fans' questions and suggestions. Recently V indicated that the band could accept a particular recommendation: a BTS friendship tattoo. Unfortunately, they don't want to exhibit it. Why are they censuring their tattoos to the fanatics?

BTS getting a tattoo in secret body place

On April 6th (KRT) V was spending a good time with his fans via weverse. He was responding to ARMY's messages. Eventually the Idol attention got into a comment recommending a friendship tattoo for all the members of BTS, "Just like the Avengers actors one".

V interaction on weverse / By @purpleloveplus

The surprising and hilarios aswer is making the fans crazy. "Oh! Was Yoongi the one who suggest the friendship tattoo? I don't remember"

Finally, he let us know what place they would tattoo:

We are going to tattoo it in a place where it cannot be seen, like the right gluteus.

V of BTS / By @xmoonlvs

In other messages he said he would like to get a trumpet tattoo but he will be sorry to his dad. As the talk continues, V announced they already have talked about it and they will get the tattoo someday "Look forward to it".

What do you think, ARMY? What tattoo do you recommend for the guys?

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