Taehyung's favorite movie when he was a child Taehyung's favorite movie when he was a child

BTS Taehyung's favorite childhood movie that every ARMY will want to watch

What was BTS V's favorite movie as a child? The idol recommended it to his fans

What movies did Taehyung from BTS used to watch when he was a kid? He revealed what his favorite childhood film is and ARMY can watch it.

BTS members often share a lot of themselves with their fans through social networks like Weverse and now Instagram. So ARMY can ask a lot of things that can be solved by the idols in the group themselves. It's fun to learn new fun facts by these means.

Mainly on Weverse ARMY can send letters and questions for Bangtan Sonyeondan idols and many fans have been lucky enough to get a response from them. Something that really makes fans very happy and lets us see a new interaction of Bangtan artists with their faithful fandom.

Perhaps you have to ask questions or creative letters for Bangtan idols since they receive many and the best thing would be to stand out from all the writings they have on a daily basis. But in the same way, perhaps all the messages are well received by the Bangtan Boys on said platform and that is where many questions are also resolved.

This time, V replied to an ARMY about his childhood, what used to be his favorite movie? He replied and now his fans will be able to see this film.

What was BTS V's favorite movie as a child? You will love this animated film

Through Weverse, a fan asked Taehyung, 'What was your favorite movie when you were young?' and V answered the following: 'OSEAM'. It is a Korean animated film that premiered in 2003, then Tae was barely 8 years old. Although it is a somewhat sad film, since it is about the story of two orphaned brothers.

Taehyung's favorite childhood movie | Twitter: @SpringftTae

The best thing is that ARMY can watch this movie, since it is available on YouTube, so if you want to know why Tae liked this production, you can watch it on the platform.


Taehyung also revealed more of the cartoons he didn't like

On Weverse, Taehyung was also once asked if he knew the cartoon 'Dora the Explorer'. But perhaps it was one that V did not like so much, because the idol gave a very funny answer to ARMY's question that we will never forget.

Taehyung about Dora, The Explorer | Twitter: @taetaniium

Now you know a cartoon that Taehyung did like and another that maybe he didn't enjoy as much. There is much more to learn about this incredible member of BTS.

Keep reading more about BTS and more about Taehyung, do you want to know how does he smells like? Here we tell you everything about it. 

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