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BTS' Suga talks about the restrictions on stage after his shoulder surgery

In 2020 Sugra from BTS received shoulder surgery. After more than a year the rapper has revealed his current state.

Back in November 2020 the rapper of BTS Suga underwent surgery in order to solve a old problem in his shoulder. Apparently the Idol had an accident during his trainee days.

This old injury caused him pain  while he was dancing the choreography of the group. Eventually he took a time to rest and heal after the surgery. Suga didn't participated in the promotion of the album "BE".

After a couple  of months the rapper went back to the scenarios but the fans were still worried about it.

Nowadays, PSY and Suga are promoting their collab with the song "That That". At the same time the members of BTS took the opportunity to talk about this topic that is a concern for ARMY.

Suga from BTS / By @ValuJim433

Suga reveals the current state of his shoulder after more than a year since the surgery

On May 4th BTS' Suga was on live broadcasting to talk about his collaboration with PSY for "That That". Eventually the fans asked him about the health of his shoulder. He revealed that his performances are not the same after the surgery.

You'll notice it at the concert. After I got the surgery the angle doesn't come out.

Suga on Vlive / By @vminiecats

The rapper explained the way his shoulder moves is not the same as its use to. He added:

There is a feeling that my shoulder is firm and restricted. But my shoulder is fine.

As a joke Suga said that nowadays his knees are the ones that hurt because of the dance. Apparently, he doesn't want ARMY to be worried. We are wishing the best for Suga!

ARMY, are you relieved?

Check here how Jungkook is joking around with Suga and the song That That.

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