BTS' Suga for 'Proof' BTS' Suga for 'Proof'

BTS' Suga reveals how hard he worked on the choreography of 'That That'

Did you like the PSY and BTS' Suga collab? This is how the Idol practiced the complicated choreography for "That That".

A few weeks ago "That That" rocked the world with its addictive rhythm. As was expected, the result will be great when two superstars join forces to drop music. BTS' Suga worked with the legendary PSY to produce the title single of his full album "PSY 9th".

According to PSY, he eventually got the that Suga was involved in all the aspects of the song. The members of Bangtan added a rap solo to the track. Of course, he also joined the music video and even dance the whole choreography.

Psy and Suga for 'That That' / By @jeon_vantella

Now we got a glimpse of the practices for this hit. There is no doubt that Suga is an amazing dancer. Here is the full story.

BTS' Suga learned the "That That" choreography pretty quickly.

On May 27 BTS Youtube Channel dropped a video that show the preparation process Suga faced for the filming of the "That That" music video. Despite his busy schedule, the rapper put looked the way to practice the choreography.

Suga dancing / By @a_huge_hybe_fan

In the video, we can see that the dance instructor shows Suga all the steps and he immediately memorizes everything. The Idol mentioned that he was in the middle of BTS preparations for its concert.

Nevertheless, we can see how much effort Suga put to achieve a flawless dance. Apparently, he only practiced for 3 days before the filming day. After setting down all the details the exhausted artist said:

It's harder than our recent choreography.

At the end of the day, his experience as a member of the biggest boy band in the world won't fail. His dancing skills are unbelievable! Check the full video here.

Are you ready for the comeback of BTS? We have all the information about the new concept photos for "Proof".

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