Suga debuts new haircut on Instagram Suga debuts new haircut on Instagram

BTS' Suga has fun in Las Vegas and shares it on his Instagram account

Now that BTS' members are on Instagram we can see more of them on this platform and Suga is sharing great content for their fans

Suga hasn't been very active on Instagram, but his new update is overwhelming fans with his new hairstyle and the activities that he's been doing in Las Vegas during this break that BTS is having.

BTS is a total phenomenon on Instagram, since the members of this boy band opened their personal accounts, they've been growing on number of followers and likes, breaking records from many other international celebrities, the support that this band has is well-known when we look at these statistics.

Bangtan Sonyeondan's fandom, ARMY, has been so happy to see more content of its favorite band on social network, a lot of photos, videos and stories from the idols are full of views and likes from fans. Even if the guys from BTS confessed that it was hard to use IG since it was their very first time having their own accounts, they've been doing a great work and learning with their fans how to be professional Instagrammers.

Some members from BTS are very active on Instagram, but Suga was kinda absent from the platform, maybe he was enjoying his time during this break that the band has taken. But now, Bangtan's rapper showed to the world something that he's been doing during his vacation and also a brand-new look.

BTS' Suga shares a new photo on Instagram, he was in Las Vegas and has a new haircut

Through his official account on Instagram, Min Yoongi from BTS, also known as Suga, shared a new photo in which we can see the idol enjoying of a UFC match in Las Vegas, if we take a detailed look at this post, we can see that he changed his hairstyle.

Now, Suga has a mullet, his hair is a little longer, and he also dyed it with black, ARMY is drooling over this new look on the idol.

BTS' Suga shares his new hair cut on Instagram. @agustd

So finally we got an Instagram update from Suga and fans are loving it, maybe ARMY well be waiting for a new selca withe Yoongi's new hairstyle.

What has Suga been doing on his vacations?

BTS is taking a long break to rest and recover energy to hit us with something new next year, they've already confirmed their first concert dates in March for Seoul in Korea. On these vacations, Suga has been doing a lot of things that he loves, he was spotted on a basketball match, on the studio and with his recent post on IG, we found out he went to Las Vegas and enjoyed the UFC event.

ARMY is happy to see that the rapper from BTS is having fun and getting a good rest on these days, and it's even better, 'cause he can share a lot with fans on his IG profile.

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