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BTS' Suga gives an impressive speech about equality at the White House

BTS attended the White House in Washington DC to talk about the discrimination against the Asian community. Suga's words about equality are all over the Internet.

The biggest boy group in the world is always surprising with new actions and campaigns to faith for good causes. BTS is the most important Asian music act in the global industry. On and out of the stage the influence is these superstars is not a joke.

On May 31st the singers of "Life Goes On" were the special guest of the president of the United States Joe Biden. They were at the White House In order to talk about the Anti Asian Hate Crimes that have been affecting the American population over the last few years.

BTS at the White House / By @caarlamoontoya

Before the private chat with the president, the group had a short time to talk with the press. The wonderful speech of the Idols is now all over the world. Suga's words drew a lot of attention, this is what he said.

BTS' Suga's wisdom words are over the Internet

Almost immediately after the visit of BTS to the White House social media conversations were mostly the same: the speech of these talented artists at the event. This time it was in Korean and English.

Suga at the White House / By @leegiOT7

All the members sent important messages, however, Suga's words caught the attention of the globe. About this discrimination issue he said:

It's not wrong to be different. I think equality begins when we open up and embrace all of our differences.

RM talking at the White House / By @ARMYForce_Peru

The conclusion of their participation was in charge of the leader RM. He explained that BTS wants to use its voice to help to stop the hate against Asians. He added:

And lastly, we thank President Biden and the White House for giving us this important opportunity to speak and remind ourselves of what we can do as artists.

The hashtag #BTSatTheWhiteHouse and the name of Suga, RM, and other members are still on the global trends of Twitter.

BTS's upcoming album "Proof" is almost here. Check here for all the details about the new concept photos.

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