BTS' Suga and Holy BTS' Suga and Holy

BTS' Suga celebrates Holy with a big birthday party

BTS 'love for their pets is gigant. Suga is celebrating the birthday of his dog with a lovely party. This is what he did.

All the members of BTS love animals. Is pretty common to see the members posting cute photos of animals they found on the streets. Most of them have pets and the fans are really happy when they share pictures of themselves playing with their pets.

Is really easy to melt down watching RM playing with Mooni or V having a good time with Yeontan. ARMY is not just loving the group but their adorable furry little friends as well.

Recently Suga held a party in order to celebrate the birthday of his dog Holy. Check all the information.

Suga from BTS / By @kiss_seven7

BTS' Suga shares picture of the birthday party for Holy

On May 7th (KST) Suga from BTS posted on his personal Instagram account a story to celebrate Holy's birthday. It was a photo of the cute dog wearing a birthday cap. It is surrounded by  presents, a cake and even a wine bottle. The rapper added a message:

A dog is living better than a person’s life…

Suga's Instagram story / Instagram @agustd

Apparently, this phrase is inspired by a traditional Korean saying that explains that the dogs don't have any worries and they can spend the whole day playing around.

According to a fan, the identification plate that we can see in the picture with the name of Holy was made by ARMY. The fan has revealed it was a gift for Suga she gave him in 2017.

ARMY's Twitter post / By @xmoonlvs

Meanwhile the internet is celebrating the dog's birthday as well and falling in love with Suga because of his sweet behavior.

Do you want to meet BTS' pets? Read this article to know all the details.

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