Bad decisions is hidden somewhere Bad decisions is hidden somewhere

BTS, Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco's Bad Decisions is hidden in LA and ARMY is looking for it

We could hear 'bad decisions' before its release, as Benny Blanco hid an USB with the file somewhere in Los Angeles

Probably the collaboration of BTS, Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg is just something crazy and to add more emotion to 'bad decisions', the producer of the song decided to hide it on a USB stick somewhere in Los Angeles, if ARMY finds it we could listen to it before its release.

'bad decisions' is a collaboration song by BTS and Snoop Dogg, mainly Bangtan's Vocal Line is involved. We could say that it was an expected collaboration, at least that of the idol group and Snoop, since it had previously been said that the rapper wanted to work with these idols.

Benny Blanco would later be the one we would know was also in the mix, a songwriter, producer and such who has worked with a ton of international artists. From the beginning, 'bad decisions' brought us great emotions and it is well known that the Bangtan Sonyeondan fandom supported and watched everything since its official announcement.

Little by little they have shown us some previews, teasers and others that have really excited ARMY for this collaboration of the Bangtan Boys with Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco. We really can't wait any longer to hear 'bad decisions' and find out how the styles and voices of the idols and the rapper came together.

In this collaboration Xbox is also added and that is why this franchise had one more surprise with Benny Blanco, he hid 'bad decisions' somewhere in Los Angeles and is waiting for someone to find it, can we hear the BTS collaboration before it's officially released?

Bad Decisions is hidden somewhere in Los Angeles, will we hear this BTS, Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco song before its release?

Last night, Benny Blanco released a video showing that he hid a USB with the song 'bad decions' somewhere in Los Angeles. He left a camera recording the scene and is streaming live on the Xbox channel on Twitch. The person who finds it will be able to 'do whatever they want with the song', so if someone manages to discover the place, we may be able to hear the BTS and Snoop Dogg collaboration before its official release.

Here's the place, and it's actually streaming live...

Live streaming of the place where bad decisions was hid | Twitch: @xbox

 ARMY has mixed opinions about hidden Bad Decisions

Some fans think that the fact that Benny Blanco has just hidden this USB with the song is a little crazy and also weird. It is obvious that it is something to promote Xbox, but is it really necessary? There are also ARMYs who found it funny that Benny hid the song, they even think that BTS could have ideas to do it, what do you think?

ARMY's reaction to Benny hding bad decisions | Twitter: @@KSJin_chocomilk and @gmcantave1

For those of us who are not close to LA, we just have to wait in case someone manages to find this USB and maybe leak the song before its official release.

Keep reading more about BTS and bad decisions, here we have another teaser which they released. 

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