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BTS' RM shocks ARMY revealing his interesting personal philosophy

RM. the leader of BTS has revealed his motto on Instagram. ARMY is surprised by his deep philosophy.

BTS' journey to the top of the global charts wasn't easy. As you may know, these talented Idols debuted under the protection of a small and broke agency. Their hard work and awesome music made them the biggest boy band in the world.

When the members are asked about their success the singers of "Butter" immediately respond that everything is thanks to ARMY. Of course, it is true but at the same time, they recognize the contributions of each member.

BTS members / Twitter @AparicioCenlly

All of them are constantly showing their affection and gratitude to the leader RM. Not just the fans but also the general public can appreciate how smart the rapper is. How does Namjoon balance his personal life with his work? He has revealed his philosophy.

BTS' RM shares everything about his mindset

On June 9th (KST) RM of BTS posted on his personal Instagram account various photos of him visiting an art gallery. This time the rapper attended the Colors of Yoo Youngkuk exhibition In Seoul. This type of picture is quite usual for Namjoon.

RM's .post / Instragram @rkive

However, almost at the same time, the leader dropped an interesting story that caught ARMY's attention. He revealed his latest result for the MBTI test, this time he got ENTP. Also, he posted a long message with a black background.

In one's work/daily lives, people function by alternating between reality/ideal, improvisation/planned logic/emotions, it's very difficult to define.

"I'm always like this".

RM's Instagram story / Twitter @BTSIGESP

Apparently, his thoughts about this type of phycological classification are deep. There's no doubt that the Idol has a big self-reflection ability. He added his conclusion:

As expected, being too immersed in something, whatever it is doesn't seem good.

What do you think about RM's mindset?

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