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BTS' RM reveals what kind of K-Drama he enjoys to watch

The leader of BTS is well known as a passionate reader. Does he also watch Korean Tv shows? He has revealed the current K-Drama he is watching.

The super smart rapper RM enjoys reading a lot of books. During the BTS reality show "BTS In The Soop" the fans were shocked to know that the leader can read a whole book in just a few hours.

Previously the Idol has confessed that he can not spend a lot of time in front of the Tv. However, apparently there is a K-Drama that involves both activities. We are telling you what this is about.

BTS' RM for 'Permission To Dance' / By @BTSdailyinfo

BTS' RM reveals he is watching the K-Drama "Pachinko"

On May 7th the leader of BTS posted on his Instagram personal account a photo of his Tv. In RM's story we can see that he was watching the Apple Tv original series Pachinko.

RM's Instagram Story / Instagram @rkive

This show follows the story of an immigrant Korean family in Japan and the United States. The historical drama shows the hardships the character will have to face to survive in this cold world.

'Pachinko' poster / By @DiarioDeDoramas

It was based on a novel with the same name written by the Korean-American author Min Jin Lee. "Pachinko" is also the name of a Japanese arcade game machine used to earn a lot of coins. Does RM already read the book?

Min Jin Lee's novel / By @stethospeaks

After RM's post  the fans are realizing he could enjoy this show because of the original novel. The ambientation, costumes and photography work perfectly to take you back in time. In addition to the beautiful and emotive story are some reasons why Pachinko is a global success for the streaming platform.

Have you watched "Pachinko"? The second season for this drama has been confirmed. We have all the details for you in this article.

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