RM talks about his new inspirations RM talks about his new inspirations

BTS' RM reveals what inspires him in this new stage with his group

Sometimes it's hard for RM to know which direction BTS should take and this is why he looks for new inspiration

What inspires RM? The BTS leader talks about the new influences he has when it comes to working with his group and following a musical direction.

This year, BTS celebrates its 9th anniversary, there have been many years of music, experiences, songs, moments and more that each of the members treasures and from which they have all learned. Little by little we have been able to hear an evolution of these idols, not only as artists, but also as human beings.

Kim Namjoon is the leader of Bangtan Sonyeondan, a highly professional and dedicated person who has always given his best. He was the first boy to join BigHit Entertainment when he was still an underground rapper and participated in the creation of the boy band. It seems that at the beginning he was very clear about the direction he should take.

Since Bangtan Boys' debut, all of them have done a great job, including RM who raps, sings and writes for his idol group. But with the passing of time, perhaps it is no longer the same as it was years ago and sometimes he needs to renew his mind, find something new to continue working with it.

What inspires RM and BTS in these times? The idol group leader revealed the new influences he must meet to know which path he should take in music with his boy band.

What are RM's new inspirations for BTS in this new stage of the group?

In his Weverse interview, RM revealed what inspires him during these times for BTS. He confessed that he reached a stage where he can't see what the direction of his group is and sometimes he can't even define who he is clearly. So he looks for inspirations from all over the world, from everywhere to know which way they should go.

What should BTS be saying to the world from now on? What position should BTS be remembered for taking at this point? How are we going o function moving forward? I want to get inspiration about these things from others

RM searches for inspiration for BTS | Twitter: @MoonieJoonieee

 So Namjoon is at a reflective point in his career as an idol, he really wants to continue leaving a mark with BTS in the world and this is what inspires him to know what direction he should take.

RM also talked about Yet To Come, the title track of Proof

This new stage of BTS for their comeback with 'Proof' is also of great importance because in fact their title track 'Yet To Come' has a relevant message even for the idol group members themselves. RM revealed his thoughts while making this song.

I had something like “High Hopes” in mind when I was first making “Yet To Come.” It’s like a kind of wish: Yeah, that’s right. Our glory days aren’t now—they’re still ahead of us


We are sure that the fact that Bangtan is now a world-renowned group has completely changed RM's perspective as an artist and also as a person. He must now assess what is happening everywhere to know where he should go, without forgetting his origins and his own ideas.

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