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BTS' RM reveals what his mom did to support his music career

RM from BTS is a super popular musician these days. Thanks to the support of his mother he received encouragement to fight for his dream. This is what his mom did.

No one can deny how powerful and important BTS is in the global music industry. Every time the group releases a new single for sure it will be a massive success.

There are various reasons why Bangtan became a giant phenomenon. One factor it's the hard work of the Idols. All of them have a special talent and when they are working together nobody can't stop them.

BTS members / By @cuttevante

Let's talk about the charismatic leader of the group, RM. He is a really talented rapper and a great producer and songwriter. At the same time does an amazing job taking care of the communication inside and outside the group.

When BTS was beginning their journey in the United States we saw RM in charge of the interviews, sometimes even interpreting for the rest of the members. His role is really important in the group.

At the same time, he has worked on his solo music and it got great reviews from the critics. In 2021 the magazine Forbes named RM and J-Hope as the foreigner rappers with the biggest possibility to conquer the industry in the United States.

RM from BTS / By @EstefaRM2

His career is living a great time, but how was RM life before BTS? Music is not an easy dream to follow, so he needed a lot of support to get the place he is now. His mom was really important in his journey. 

RM's mom was supporting him to follow his dream of became a famous rapper

For a documentary the members of BTS revealed their honest thoughts about BTS journey. The leader RM shared an important memory for him. His mom bought him a microphone even when she said she wouldn't do it.

My mom bought me a PG48. It's a microphone that costs about $45.

RM talking about his mom / By @mhereonlyforbts

The Idol confessed the words his mom expreseed to support him. She said:

All right, do what you really want to do.

For the rapper it was the beginning of his happiness because he is really happy when he is working on music.

I think getting into music was the happiest moment.

Parents' support is really important for everyone, right? What do you think of RM words? We are sure ARMY is really thankful with RM's mom

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