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BTS' RM reveals plans to open an exhibition and present his private art collection

RM is an art lover. Finally, the leader of BTS will reveal his private collection in a public exhibition. These are his plans.

Kim Namjoon is not just the leader of one of the most important music acts in the world, he is promoting art as well. The rapper is always sharing his love for art while posting on social media photos of his visits to museums and galleries.

Every time RM appears in an exhibition, the visits increase abruptly. His massive influence is not a joke! The member of BTS gets inspiration while enjoying art. In addition, he is promoting culture and artists' names.

RM loves to visit museums / Twitter @nabskidw

Sometimes he dropped pictures of his own collection. The Idol also loves to buy some interesting pieces. Would you like to see what is his art taste? This could happen pretty soon. RM will show his collection. We are telling you everything.

BTS RM will open an exhibition of his art collection

On June 28th the latest episode of Art Basel's podcast was released. This time, BTS' RM was the guest and he shared his passion and love for art. The rapper talked about his private collection saying that he would like to open and small exhibit.

RM says he gets moved by art / Twitter @nabskidw

Namjoon is concerned because there are not too many museums and galleries in Korea. He wants to give the people the opportunity to come closer to some art pieces. Then he revealed his plans.

I am planning to make a small of my own collection. Maybe, just a cafe on the first floor, and set up my collection on the second and third floor. So people could always see the collections when they just want to see them.

His passion is inspiring tons all over the world.  At the moment we have seen some pieces of his art collection on social media. Apparently, the Idol loves the minimalistic pieces. We can't wait to see more of the project.

Would you like to visit RM's art exhibition? While we are waiting for it, Suga's family is working on a similar project as well. Here is all the information.

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