How does RM feels with his friendship tattoo? How does RM feels with his friendship tattoo?

BTS' RM reveals how he feels now that he's tattooed, what does his tattoo mean to him?

All BTS members share a number seven tattoo, how does Namjoon feel about having it?

BTS got their friendship tattoo that fans really wanted to see and in fact some of them already showed it. RM was among the first to do so and also revealed how he feels now that he has something on his skin forever.

It is well known that the relationship of the members of BTS is not a simple friendship. They have spent more than nine years together as they first got to know each other when they joined BigHit Entertainment as trainees. Afterwards they have lived a lot of things together, the debut, their first steps, first wins, tours, trips and others that have united them a lot.

This is why now the Bangtan Sonyeondan idols have formed a big family who care about each other and are happy when they are together. For some time ARMY wanted them to get a friendship tattoo, something that would show their bond and all the love they have for each other.

At first it seemed that perhaps the Bangtan Boys would not get a tattoo together. Some of its members like Jungkook and Jimin already had their own designs on their skin and were not afraid of the pain that tattooing brings. But the other members were free of ink, so maybe it was a bit more difficult for them.

But finally they all ended up getting their friendship tattoo, now they all have the number 7 somewhere on their body and RM was one of the first members to show it. How does she feel about this tattoo? He revealed it.

RM still can't believe he's tattooed now, that's how he feels now with his BTS friendship tattoo

RM tried the new Weverse function to do live and there he shared some time with ARMY, in one of those moments he talked about the friendship tattoo that BTS now has. He said that he still can't believe he got the tattoo, that he kind of hates the fact that now that he has it, he can't take it off. Or maybe not as easily as just washing it.

I still can't believe I got a real tattoo on my body. I just hate the fact that once you have it, you can't take it back. But for this friend tattoo, we've been talking abt this thing bfr 2019. So yeah, it happened! I feel happy having tattoo on my ankle, with BTS  members

So this is what RM thinks about his friendship tattoo. It's something he never imagined doing but finally for BTS he did it, isn't that great? Namjoon best leader.

Namjoon also revealed the process his tattoo went through

Namjoon also said that it took 2 hours to get the tattoo because it was the long process of choosing the design and the body part they wanted the tattoo on. But in itself it only took him 2 minutes to get tattooed as they were lines that were done quite quickly, LOL. So it was a bit strange for him.

RM's tattoo | Instagram: @rkive

This was the whole long process for the BTS friendship tattoo, isn't it impressive? Well, we're glad they carry their friendship and history forever.

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