BTS' RM and Proof Of Inspiration BTS' RM and Proof Of Inspiration

BTS' RM reveals his true selves in songs for Proof Of Inspiration

How many 'me' are there in RM? Well he reveals them all for 'Proof Of Inspiration' and his song choices for BTS anthology 'Proof'

'Proof Of inspiration' has led us to get to know the members of BTS more deeply and this time it is RM's turn who chose two songs for 'Proof' for these reasons.

Although we do not know the members of BTS personally, we know a lot about them thanks to everything they have revealed throughout this time. But if we can really feel their music and see beyond the surface in their songs, we can feel like we have more of them right there.

In addition to the great talent and passion that characterize the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan, they also have other facets that they demonstrate in different fields. As a leader, RM has done an excellent job and he has really worked hard for his group and his fans.

Kim Namjoon is a great artist, cultured, intelligent and always prudent. Someone strong, but not serious at all, can be funny and cute too. Namjoon has given his best to ARMY and also to Bangtan and is remarkable in every comeback and performance, in every interview as well.

Sometimes Namjoon may wonder who is the real RM? But he reveals that there are a lot of 'me' in himself for 'Proof Of Inspiration' and the songs he chose for BTS' anthology 'Proof'.

RM chose Persona and Stay for BTS' Proof, his reasons are in Proof Of Inspiration

For 'Proof Of Inspiration', RM talks about his different facets in life, he is the leader of BTS, the person who makes music. But he is also a friend and part of a family, 'RM', 'Namjoon', 'Kim Namjoon'. He chose 'Persona' because he thinks that represents him in some way. While 'Stay' is totally for ARMY, the faithful fandom that stayed with all those personalities that are part of him.

Now we know a little more about RM and his thoughts, this great artist always surprises us with his countenance and professionalism. But he is also someone full of pure feelings.

BTS' Proof is more than just an anthology 

'Proof Of Inspiration' shows us the importance of 'Proof', as it is not only an anthology of BTS, but there is also a lot of their idols in it. A review of the history and path of the idol group, something that identifies each member with her own songs and that will also remain for posterity for ARMY.

Proof is next BTS' anthology | Twitter: @soulfuleclipse

'Proof' wuill be released next June 10, this anthology will also have 3 new songs for ARMY, we can't wait to listen to this one!

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, this time, the idol group was recognized by the secretary of the UN since it has a great impact globally.

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