RM once read this book RM once read this book

BTS' RM read this interesting book, what is it about?

The leader of BTS loves to read and this time he has a book you might like, what is RM reading now?

Namjoon always lets ARMY see how smart and cultured he was, this time he showed the book he is reading, what is it about? Here is the reason why he caught the attention of the BTS idol.

The members of BTS are simply wonderful people, first of all we have all their talents that are reflected in their songs and performances. Although they are not only limited to that. We can see these idols at all levels, deeper, more superficial, as artists, friends and humans.

One of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan is Kim Namjoon, the leader of the group who stands out for his amazing way of singing, rapping and dancing. But also because of his great intelligence, patience and mental agility. He is a truly intelligent, cultured and thoughtful artist. He inspires ARMY to follow his hobbies and fill himself a little more with the arts, besides music.

RM really enjoys reading, going to art galleries, we even saw him painting with a very precise technique. So the fans are always aware of what the idol is doing. This is why we can sometimes tell where Namjoon went or what he is reading right now by being observant of the pictures he often shares.

This time, ARMY found the book that RM once read, do you want to know what it is about? This could reveal a little more about the BTS idol.

The Gardener's Year is the book BTS' RM was reading, what is it about?

In a photo that RM posted on Twitter at the end of 2021, we can see the cover of the book 'The Gardener's Year', it is a collection of humorous essays about the trials and joys of gardening. It was written by Karel Čapek and puts the gardener, his emotions, experiences and more as protagonists of this work. It has a lot of humor even in the small illustrations that accompany the reading.

The book Namjoon was reading | Twitter: @JooniesLibrary

As you can see, Namjoon reads all kinds of books, he is not limited to any kind and this hobby really makes him happy. ARMY loves to support him and learn more about him through his hobbies and interests.

What is the book that RM has read recently?

A few days ago, RM shared some excerpts from a book that he may have recently read or is reading. It's about 'I Want To Write but I Don't Want to Write', this was written by 9 different Korean authors. This book is only in its original language, at the moment. This compiles essays from writers about their writing profession and process.

RM was reading this book recently: Instagram: @rkive

Namjoon is a total devourer of books and his recommendations are great for ARMY, have you already read any of the books that he has finished? Surely you will find great jewels of literature.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we have some songs from the group perfect for you to enjoy a good walk. 

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