BTS' RM fro 'Yet To Come' BTS' RM fro 'Yet To Come'

BTS' RM opes about the current situation of the group asking for understanding

BTS is beginning a new chapter, the members will be prioritizing their solo projects for the first time. This is what the leader RM has to say about it.

A few days ago the world went crazy after hearing that BTS will be on hiatus. Even the word disbanding appeared in the global conversations. However, ARMY doesn't need to be worried, the group is sticking together for too many years more.

Now the situation has been clarified. HYBE dropped a statement about it, Bangtan will not stop its group activities but give more space for the individual schedules of the members. Tons of solo projects are coming. Are you excited about it?

BTS for 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @bts_bighit

At the same time, the Idols are celebrating its anniversary with the anthology album "Proof", and more surprises for the fans. Now, the members themselves are talking about their future. RM has talked about the 'hiatus'. This is what he said.

RM asks for comprehension of the BTS decision

On June 21st BTS' official YouTube channel dropped an interview of the members answering 77 questions. The Idols were filming the music video for "Yet To Come". According to Suga, "Proof" is a summary of their last 9 years and a beginner's guide.

To conclude, the singers were asked to send a message to ARMY. RM said that he knows how much the fans waited for the album. Then he explained that their lyrics express just their honest thoughts:

I hope you know this was the best choice we could make at this moment. I hope you could see how we grew together and try to understand us like seeing your sons go to school for the first time.

RM talking about BTS decision / Twitter @BTSFondosARMYCo

J-Hope added that BTS music is also the story of the fans. V revealed that the group is just starting a new chapter, he is wishing that ARMY is looking forward to it.  All of them showed their gratitude for the love they receive. Check the full interview here.

BTS works hard to make ARMY happy, and the fanatics are paying back the effort. That is why the group is conquering the most important charts. Read here more about the new Bangtan's records on Billboard.

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