BTS' RM new album is coming! The rapper reveals spoilers on his Instagram account

RM is settling down all the detail about his upcoming album. This is what the leader of BTS let us know via Instagram.

A couple of months ago, the whole world was shocked to hear that BTS was getting into a hiatus. However, the K-Pop sensation is just introducing a new era. The talented seven singers are ready to let us see more of their individual projects.

J-Hope was in charge to open the second chapter of Bangtan's career. His first solo album "Jack In The Box" is a whole success. Critics, ARMY, and the general public are already in love with this masterpiece.

RM of BTS / Twitter @UB_Midias

The leader of BTS has announced that he will be the next one to drop a full album. This anticipated project will be here pretty soon. RM is making the fans crazy with his revelations, here are new details about his album.

RM revealed some hints about his upcoming album

Last week, the good-looking leader of BTS was broadcasting via Weverse. RM revealed that he is working hard on his new album. He said that 99% of his new music is already finished. However, he clarified that he hasn't filmed a music video.

RM talking about his new album / Twitter @updatebangtan_

In order to increase the expectations, on August 1st (KST) the rapper dropped an interesting Instagram story. It is the capture of a music program. Apparently, he has been working on a complicated track. He added a message:

Can we please stop fighting...

RM's Instagram story / Twitter @YDMM07HOBI

Namjoon is sharing with ARMY even his hardships when getting the album ready. As was expected, millions of fans all over the world are looking forward to his new music.

The Idol is well known for his interesting lyrics. Previously, he has been praised for his music that reflects his philosophy. His songs are mostly thoughtful and his beats are insane. While we are waiting for more detail about his new album, check here some of his best collaborations ever.

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