Will RM release a new mixtape soon? Will RM release a new mixtape soon?

BTS' RM might release his new solo mixtape during this year

RM from BTS confessed that he could release new music as a solo artist in 2022, what will he prepare for ARMY?

RM has been releasing his solo mixtapes almost since BTS' debut, the group's leader has been working on his own songs even before he debuted, and this year he might release new songs for his fans.

All members of BTS are extremely talented, creative, and original artists. Great proof of this are their songs and performances that have all the power and great skills of each one of them. Both together and as soloists, these idols stand out with all their musical abilities.

One of its members is RM, the leader of Bangtan Sonyeondan who has always done a great job of leading his K-Pop group. But in addition, Namjoon is also an excellent singer, rapper and dancer for his band. If that weren't enough, this member has also been actively involved in writing, composing, and producing many songs.

Kim Namjoon has not only done a great job for some of Bangtan's tracks, he has also done it with his own songs. For years, the idol has released his own solo mixtapes. ARMY loves to see another facet of this artist and Nam never fails to show off each of his talents.

RM's latest mixtape was released in 2018, and although in 2021 the BTS leader surprised his fans with the song 'Bycicle', ARMY wanted to have more music from this rapper as a solo artist. And it seems that this year Namjoon will release new songs.

RM reveals that he will release a new mixtape soon, when will we hear the new music from the leader of BTS?

Through Weverse, BTS' RM responded to a comment about his new mixtape. ARMY wrote to the group leader: 'I'll hold my breath until namjoon releases a mixtape' and he replied with an idea about his next solo release.

I might also release one this year

RM's comment about his next solo mixtape | Twitter: @BTStranslation_

So ARMY will not be able to contain their excitement, because it seems that this year there will be a lot of new music from the members of BTS, when will we hear the new songs from RM? We look forward to more details in the future.

Taehyung says RM's mixtape could come out before his

ARMY has been waiting impatiently for Taehyung's solo mixtape, but it seems that although he promised to release it in 2022, it is not as close as RM's, as he said that his bandmate could release his mixtape before he releases his.

RM's mixtape might be released before Taehyung's one | Twitter: @BTStranslation_

 We can only wait for the new music of BTS and its members, which will surely end up surprising the world and they will achieve new records as soloists.

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