RM has a big heart and this donation proves it RM has a big heart and this donation proves it

BTS' RM made a special donation that shows his huge impact

BTS' members show their human side while supporting good causes and RM it's not an expection, he made history with this donation

RM is a great example for his bandmates and fans, as the leader of BTS shows how big his heart is and how much he loves to help with this amazing donation.

BTS has a positive impact on fans, the idol group will not only motivate ARMY on its daily life, but also to show the best of its human side, since the members keep showing how big their hearts are by donating and supporting good causes for those who are in need of help.

Even on special occasions, the idols from Bangtan Sonyeondan take the chance to carry out some charitable act, like on their birthdays and even on the band's anniversary. So, ARMY repeats this kind of actions and the fandom holds events for charity and gives a lot on behalf of its favorite artists.

So, it's not a surprise when we know that one of the members form Bangtan gives money to people or institutions that need it, and even if it's a small amount, it's well-known that it can make a big change for those who benefit from donations.

And RM made a really big charity act, he donated a big amount of money that made history, showing the kindness of this idol from BTS.

RM made an impressive donation for libraries and schools

As you might know, RM is a big fan of literature and he's also very educated and intelligent, that's why he would love to protect and give more of the kind of art that he enjoys, so he made an impressive donation for 400 libraries and schools.

This donation helped to remodel the facilities of a lot of libraries, some others were able to have more visitors, since there's a section specially dedicated to the idol at the place. So, fans tend to go and take pictures and more, they feel proud of the BTS' member and show their support for him and those libraries.

Namjoon made this amazing donation | Twitter: @tbyamnc

That's how RM shows the best of his human side, also he's proving his love for literature and he shares all that he has with those who are in need.

BTS' RM motivates fans to read and enjoy literature

Namjoon knows that there's a lot of young people who follows him and he's becoming a role model for them, that's why  and with his actions he tends to motivate fans to read, enjoy good books and get to know more about literature. RM has been showing ARMY how much he loves art and literature.

RM loves to read | Twitter: @twokoyas

Now you know it, show your big heart and big love for libraries and reading, follow this big RM's example and make your own idol proud of you.

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