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BTS' RM is nominated for the Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022

RM is a bin positive influence on million all over the world. BTS' leader has been nominated for the Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022.

No one can deny how massive the BTS' popularity is. All the members are some of the most relevant celebrities in the world. The global public is always looking at the member. They are super powerful influencers.

The 7 members have a big impact on social media. Have you watched RM's Instagram feed? It is awesome! The rapper is constantly sharing beautiful pictures of his visits to galleries and museums.

RM of BTS / Twitter @lozzawayne

His passion for art is not a joke! When the leader attends an exhibition, immediately, the event became popular. Namjoon is promoting the art like nobody else. Well, the world has already noticed his important role to spread culture. He is got a nomination as a Museum Influencer.

Blooloop  nominates BTS' RM as Museum Influencer of 2022

On June 30th Blooloop revealed that RM is nominated for its list of Museum Influencers of 2022. According to the tourism media, the leader of BTS got more than 1500 thanks to the strong support of ARMY.

RM on Instagram / Instagram @rkive

The digital media explained that Namjoon has a big impact on the fans. They visit the same exhibition after the rapper posts photos of the museum or gallery. His interest in art is influencing his more than 35 million followers on Instagram.

The media also revealed that he is getting 2 nominations per second. ARMY power is out of this world. Also, we need to mention that RM could be one of the global public figures who have the biggest impact with his art posts.

RM's Intagram post / Instagram @rkive

Even if you cannot attend the museums that RM visits, at least is great to come closer to some pieces via his photos. Do you have a favorite museum picture of Namjoon?

Recently, the rapper revealed that he wants to open an exhibition to reveal his art collection. We have all the details for you.

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